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Carla Lab Lacto Biome All in One Essence 100ml

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About this item

1.The micro-fine mist type essence absorbed into the skin quickly&deeply, leaving your skin glowing!

2. 4 diff. plants' flowers&roots fermented in lactobacillus sakei helps balance healthy skin microbiome

3. Additional various extracts(chickweed, pumpkin, cactus stem, etc) for skin protection and hydration

4. Charged with niacinamide, purslane, Cactus stem, argan oil,etc for skin barrier protection&hydration

5. Carla Lab aims for an ideal skin balance pH 5.5(weakly acidic) that keeps the skin healthy and firm.

fermented skin care



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What are the Benefits of Fermented Skincare?

Benefits of the fermentation

Throughout fermentation, microorganisms break down ingredients into smaller sizes, so your skin can absorb the nourishing ingredients easily.

Some of the natural raw ingredients contain toxic elements that cause skin irritation. The fermentation process makes the skincare product safe and effective by neutralizing these toxic substances.

New amino acids and organic acids are created through fermentation that makes the product more nutritious and effective.

  • Better skin absorption
  • Reduce the chance of skin irritation
  • Additional nourishing substances
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Fundamental Beauty of Skin from Natural Ingredients

In addition to the patented ingredient, we also put camellia seed oil, macadamia seed oil, olive oil, and argan oil to make our product more powerful and effective.

- Benefits

• Reinforce/Supply Moisture • Improve Fine Line • Even Skin Tone

• Strengthen The Skin Barrier • Soothe Skin • Youthful Glow

Tight Hydration

4 Flowers + Roots planta-complex

Fundamental Beauty of Skin from Natural Ingredients

Fundamental Beauty of Skin from Natural Ingredients

CARLA LAB Lacto Biome Skin Care Routine

CARLA LAB Lacto Biome Skin Care Routine