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Hanyul Baek Hwa Goh Intensive Care Eye Cream 25ml

$75.00 $90.00


  • Volume : 25ml
  • Main ingredients: Baekhwago extract ( Shiitake mushroom ) ( 12,600ppm) , adenosine, hydrolyzed ginseng , ginseng extract
  • Highly concentrated anti-aging eye cream is actively working with the  manifestations of aging , reducing  the number  of wrinkles , tightening  skin and  giving it greater  smoothness .
  • Promotes conservation of moisture, it tones the skin, stimulating the metabolism. Compacts thin skin and gives it softness.
  • Improves regeneration , help to  improve  the elasticity  of the skin , activating  its defensive abilities.
  • Ginseng extract  has a rejuvenating  effect  on the skin , it moisturizes the skin , normalizing  the water –salt balance , reduce swelling , protects against premature aging.
  • Extract of shiitake mushroom ( Baekhwago) has anti-aging  properties , penetrates  deep into skin , restoring  its  elasticity , normalize water  balance

How to Use:

  • Use after an emulsion, appropriate amount (about 0.2ml), apply onto skin around eyes , massage gently.