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Laneige Watery Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 50ml



Perfect defense of UV rays is basic!

Keeps moisture barrier moisturized all day long even under the hot sunlight!

Moisture sun cream effectively blocks UV rays with the watery texture and refreshingly charges skin with moisture

1. Moisture sun cream to keep skin moisturized

Ingredients such as moisture- and nourishment-rich Birch sap and skin moisturizing factors keep skin moisturized all day long even under the hot sunlight

2. Strong UV protection function

SPF50+, PA+++ strongly blocks UV rays
*UV protection cosmetic

3. Waterproof

Waterproof sun cream that’s resistant to sweat and water
*Waterproof dermatological tests completed

Technical Features

Laneige Water Screen ™
Moisture Barrier Technology to Protect Skin

Optimized technology to protect moist and healthy skin easily and dry from various external environments.

6-Free Formula

No additives: mineral oil / animal raw materials / tar pigment / talc / triethanolamine / imidazolidinylurea

How To Use

1 Shake lightly before use


2 In the final step of basic care, apply the appropriate amount evenly.


3 Pat lightly for absorption.