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Sulwhasoo Recharging Serum for Men 140ml



A water-gel-textured anti-aging serum that takes comprehensive care of male skin issues, including wrinkles, resilience, and dullness

This light textured serum goes smoothly onto the skin's surface for a brighter, moisturized look. Betaine fortifies men’s skin barrier and protects skin that is prone to damage by stimulation.

Sulwhasoo’s deep and rich woody fragrance designed for men. The woody scent, with pine, aloeswood and white sandalwood base notes, helps to deliver serenity to the body and mind

How To Use

After washing or shaving your face, dispense an appropriate amount (size of a quarter), then gently press and spread the product from the inner to the outer areas of the face to boost absorption.


Carefully chosen ingredients, Jeongyangdan and Ginseng extract 
Jeongyangdan fortifies men’s skin while Ginseng Root Extracts* helps it by caring the look of resilience and dullness. 

The unique water-gel type texture for deep hydration
Dwarf Lilyturf* comfortably soothes your skin for even deeper hydration.